Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What It Is Like To Teach In HELL!

ISAT testing, so my first class is not meeting.  Yay, I get my very very dirty tables cleaned for the first time in weeks and I finally get some grading done.  There is even time to eat lunch today.

10:45, 5th grade arrives.

11:00 am,  The 5th grader who pulled the fire alarm 2 weeks ago and was only suspended for 5 days, sexually assaulted a girl during art.  Girl doesn't even understand that when boy grabs her breasts like that she is being violated.  Security called to escort them out.

11:25, the 5th grade class has broken all the new crayons and thrown them at one another, I call security to get some control back.

11:50, 3rd grader fight over calling out one anothers mamas, kids sent to office with referral.

12:00, fighting kids returned to art room after being told to be nice(great, that should help, rolling eyes).

12:15, 3rd grader throws up gang signs at me for telling him to sit in his assigned seat.

12:20, school goes on lockdown due to uninvited visitors(several neighborhood gangbangers somehow got into the building and were walking around on the 3rd floor unnoticed until a teacher sees them out his classroom door).

12:40, visitors escorted out and interviewed, arrested by police, (possibly for illegal possession of fire arms and what looked like drugs from the 3rd floor window according to 7th graders).

12:45, 7th grade arrives to swarm the windows to watch the police and discuss who these guys are.  25 minutes to get class into their seats.  They actually worked on their art for about 30 minutes(woohoo, success).

1:45, half of 8th grade arrives.  I teach my lesson on tessellations.  I feel success twice in a day(that never happens).  The other half the class shows up and starts swarming me for what to do.  I try to re-teach the lesson, but they are having none of it and have now distracted those I had working to start.

2:10, girl and boy start screaming at one another, almost fight, but I kick them out to the hall and am grateful that security is in the hall.  A student starts playing music on his phone and refuses to turn it off.  I try to get the phone, but no luck.  The others in class start breaking pencils and throwing them at one another.

2:30, I put on my coat, get my bag and sit in a chair by the door, ignoring everything happening in my classroom at this point because frankly, I cannot take anymore for the day.

2:45, I get the students out the door and I leave for home.  Can't wait to return tomorrow!